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Juniper Moon Holistic

My story

My spiritual journey began in childhood when I realized I could astral travel to the angelic realm. Although, I didn't know what I was doing at the time. After a long career as a microbiologist, I'm stepping into my true calling as a healer and helping others connect to their own spirit guides.

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Spirit guided sessions

All sessions are guided by spirit, but what does that mean? The answer is simply that I allow my higher self to connect with your guides and higher self to lead the way. They guide me through these sessions intuitively, so that I know exactly what you need to heal and receive the most accurate information possible. These sessions are designed to guide you through this life. But I am not a "fortune teller" I do not read your future. What I can do is give you insight and advice how to navigate through the present into your future as smoothly as possible.

Spiritual Guidance session(s)

Are you interested in a session but you're unsure which to choose? I got you! Let's have a chat or severall about spirituality in general or get as specific as you want. I will answer questions and guide you along your way.

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Crystal healing session

In this session, I use specific crystals to heal, transmute, and/or weave in specific energies helping you with what is needed at this time. This is a remote healing session that takes place through zoom.

Healing Stones

 Light language healing session

In this session, I will concentrate on channeling messages and light codes necessary for your highest good and evolving. Light language is a broad term describing various languages and dialects channeled from guides, higher density beings, galactic beings, angels, elemental beings, and animals, etc. This service takes place through zoom.

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Eclectic healing session

This session is completely spirit lead. I rely on my clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience to communicate with guides, angels and ancestors to guide me. This session can involve a mix of: messages from spirit, mediumship, crystals, reiki, light language, sound healing, tarot, etc. This is a distance session and takes place on Zoom.

Om Symbol on the Beach

Custom sigils and spirit art

In this session, I create a light language sigil or an art piece depending on your needs at this time. We spend about 20 minutes chatting about what you'd like to change, create, manifest or a general intension. Then I create your sigil or art piece and send it to you via email or I can ship the original for a small shipping fee.

Tree of life painting.jpg

Intuitive tarot and oracle reading

This session at its core, is guidance from spirit through tarot and oracle cards. You may have a specific question or just want to see what comes up. This takes place through zoom.

Image by Edz Norton

House cleansing and clearing

Sometimes your space can feel stagnant or energetically depleted and needs an energetic overhaul, or maybe you feel something a bit more sinister is brewing. Whatever the case may be, I can help you pinpoint the issue and what needs to be done to help. This service can be done in person or remotely.

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Starry Sky

Susie, OR

I have had an intuitive tarot reading with Carrie as well as a light language reading/healing. Each was incredible and healing! Carrie's kindness and connection with Source is real. Her words helped me on my path and I'm so grateful. Her energy is healing. And for anyone who hasn't experienced light language, it is amazing! Thank you Carrie!
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Monday-Friday 10am-5pm edt 

Saturday & Sunday 11am-8pm edt

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